MIST is a program of a the Mekong Business Initiative, a development organization that supports sustainable growth. It is important that you can demonstrate how your idea benefits the community.

So you’re applying for the MIST Startup Accelerator, but you need some extra help. The good news is that you’re already on the right track! As MIST’s official media partner, Dulichable has the scoop and we’re here to help.

We watched MIST 2017 closely and we have direct communication with the MIST selection committee. This is article is part of a series on how to write a successful MIST application. Today we focus on demonstrating that your idea benefits the community.

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The MIST selection committee will be looking for companies and startups where positive impact is core to the business. If it isn’t, you need to really think about whether you are suitable for the program. Never fake positive impact in the pitch deck or include it as an afterthought – this will be obvious to the MIST selection committee and your application won’t be favored.

Instead, look at your business and think the four main areas of positive impact the MIST selection committee will be looking out for:

  1. Environmental protection.
  1. Cultural and community preservation.
  1. Gender equality.
  1. Employment creation.

The MIST selection committee won’t be expecting you to cover all of the above, but the more areas you can cover, the stronger your application will be. Try and think creatively about ways in which your idea has a positive impact.

Will you provide job opportunities for women? Does your idea leave a smaller environmental footprint than that of your competitors? Does your idea support and sustain local communities, either directly or indirectly?

The MIST selection committee will want to know about it.

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