When building a new website or refreshing an old one, it’s best to start with a hunt for inspiration. In this article, Josh Zukas talks to the experts to round up six of the most eye-catching and effective travel company websites from around the world.

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Authentic Asia

This continental tour company focusing on bespoke luxury and group tours is a joy to look at and navigate. Carefully selected testimonials, which they smartly label “Travel Stories,” appear on the homepage as soon as you start scrolling. This way they jump out at the viewer without hindering the aesthetics of the hero images or hidden at the bottom of a tour itinerary. Their destinations are listed cleanly and visually with stunning “inspire” style photos.


Exo Travel

Looking in our own back garden, Exo Travel has one of the most striking websites out there. Their ambitious homepage shifts from one stunning clip to the next with the Exo Travel tag “Experience Our Asia” written over the top. Better still are the tour itineraries, which are smartly arranged and easy to read through.

“Overviews and trip highlights on the itinerary pages present just the right information in the right order,” says tourism marketer Andy Parkinson.



This experiential travel website with tours in Asia, Africa, and South America has a smart hero image slider that corresponds with the words in a fabricated search bar. This provides a visual link between what the viewer might be searching for and what they get with &Beyond. Notice the photography is different to what you see on Authentic Asia, with more close-ups of people enjoying their tours. It doesn’t rely only on big inspirational imagery, reflecting their focus on the experience of the customer.


Wild Frontiers

“I love the setup of this website, which is easily navigated with loads of information and great visuals: both photo and video,” says Torsten Edens of Go Beyond Asia. Wild Frontiers is the busiest website on the list, but it is organized in such a way that it doesn’t come across as messy. Scroll down and testimonials, videos, featured tours, and blog articles are punctuated by clever CTAs in brown boxes. Notice that there is always a brown box in site, which means that the viewer always has an option to engage.


Go Running Tours

This website makes the most of its unique product – running tours of the world’s cities – by plastering the homepage with happy runners and iconic landmarks. This is clever use of imagery as it weaves their product into the fabric of the city; an innovative way to explore traditional hotspots. Click on or search for your desired city and find a list of tours with all the most important information: distance, time, and highlights. Click on the tour that catches your eye and you’re treated to more information with a visible “Book Now” CTA.



Airbnb has become so much more than just a site for people with extra space to rent out a room for a couple of nights. The award-winning company has actively moved into selling tours, which they label “experiences” (note that the word “tour” is almost non-existent on their site). It’s easy to navigate through their three verticals (homes, experiences, restaurants) or you can scroll down through an image rich but clean display of their products. Note that almost all the images feature close-ups of people enjoying the experiences rather than generic photos of sites. Airbnb probably operates very differently to your tour company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from their crisp website concept.

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