MIST is the Mekong’s tourism and travel tech accelerator. MIST is two programs in one: the MIST Startup Accelerator and the MIST Market Access Program.

MIST is organized by Clickable Vietnam. Dulichable is the program’s official media partner. We offer extra information about the program, advise on how to write successful applications, and we have follow-ups with previous MIST participants and winners.

MIST Startup Accelerator

2018 applications for the MIST Startup Accelerator are now closed except for applicants based in Vietnam. Applicants in Vietnam have until March 24 to apply. You can keep up to date with MIST 2019 here.


Why Apply for the MIST Startup Accelerator?

If you’re a startup founder or small business owner operating in tourism, hospitality, or travel tech then this is the platform to propel your business. Reasons to apply include prize money of up to $10,000USD, intensive bootcamps and mentorship programs, and opportunities to network and seed investment.

For more details on why you should apply, click here.

Writing a Successful Startup Accelerator Application

Dulichable has written a full guide on how to apply successfully, as well as several blog articles. Need help putting your application together? Having trouble answering all of the important questions?

Click on the questions below or download the full guide for FREE here.

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MIST Market Access Program


Why Apply for the MIST Market Access Program?

Southeast Asia is the world’s fastest growing tourist region. In 2017, Vietnam saw a 31% increase in visitor numbers making it Asia’s fastest growing tourist destination. Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar also hold tremendous potential. The MIST Market Access Program is designed to bring innovative ideas and tested business models from other parts of the world to these four countries. But extraordinary potential also means new challenges.


What are the Opportunities for MIST Market Access Program Applicants?

Problems require solutions and solutions mean opportunities. But what are the opportunities in the Mekong region? What exactly is MIST looking for?

Click here to read about the areas of opportunity for MIST Market Access Program applicants. Click below to connect with a MIST expert and talk through:

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  • Personalization and enhancement of the travel experience
  • Automation, inventory management, and booking platforms
  • Multimodel transportation and innovative itinerary planning
  • Better security for travelers and their transactions
  • Solutions to overtourism and environmental issues