Despite their appeal, videos remain an underutilized tool by tourism companies in Vietnam. In this article, we ask four experts to select a video that they feel is effective in promoting a product or company.

Andy Parkinson – Adventure Travel Guide and Tourism Marketer

Video: Norvège: Destination les îles Lofoten avec Atalante (Norway: Destination Loften Islands with Atalante)
Company: Atalante
Target Market: French middle-aged travelers from 30-65, mid-range budget.

I’ve chosen this video because it inspires and convinces, which you can learn more about in the last article I contributed to about selecting photography. This video inspires because it shows some fantastic landscapes filmed on sunny days. It convinces because it also shows real clients enjoying the experience, and includes genuine testimonial in the form of interviews with guests.

The video was produced on a low budget: the videographer was offered a free trip in exchange for making the video. It would also be possible to film something like this with in-house resources. For example, guides could be given a video training course – though you would probably still need to employ the assistance of a skilled external editor. A video brief written with the help of your marketing team or agency will also prove helpful.

It is in French, but don’t worry if you don’t understand French – it is the format of this video that is effective, particularly on a low budget. It’s worth noting that there’s no fancy drone footage but this is what helps make the video convincing. The camera angles are taken from the point-of-view of viewer – and the viewer can therefore imagine what it would be like to do these hikes.

Trang Nguyen – Producer at Clickable

Video: Are you working to live, or living to work?
Company: Life Before Work Travel (LBW)
Target Market: Solo European and American travelers aged 18-30, mid-high budget.

I like this video because It gets to the point within the first 10 seconds. Asking questions at the beginning is a good way to spark the audience’s curiosity and hook their attention right away. In this case, the topic of earning money versus life experiences brings up controversy that encourages the audience to keep watching.
It always concentrates on the value LBW provides for their customers by showing various off-the-beaten track experiences. This appeals to the audience’s desires of breaking away from their regular 9-to-5 and to see the world. Though it is not centered around the sale, there is a strategic call to action placed at the bottom left from the beginning to drive people to the website.
This video also showcases LBW’s personality as an adventurous organizer of action-packed experiences and wild parties. This message is consistently used across their marketing materials, making LBW’s brand easier to recognize and stand out from their competitors. It is important that this video is perfectly aligned with their other marketing materials.

Nguyen Thanh Ngoc – Vice-director at Clickable

Video: Castaways Island
Company: Vietnam Backpacker Hostels
Target Market: Western backpackers 20-35 on a mid-range budget.

I’ve chosen this video because I produced it on a low budget and I know that it had an almost instant effect for the client, Vietnam Backpacker Hostels. The video hit a million views in just a few days, it was boosted on social media, and sales for the tour jumped significantly. This video demonstrates the power and importance of video marketing in the tourism industry.

Straight away we used a lot of drone footage which shows the aerial image of Halong Bay and Castaways Island. These images of Halong Bay are quite rare, as most pictures you see are taken from sea level or on top of the islands. This difference in perspective is eye-catching, which is why we chose that to open with. Then from these first initial shots, we move into more close-up shots of the customers (and target market) having fun and enjoying themselves. We balance these two angles for the rest of the video to allow the viewer to see what it would be like to have fun in this beautiful place. 

“Fun” is the main mood we wanted for the video and we do this by showing people laughing, dancing and jumping into the water. We also show people doing adventurous activities such as rock climbing and on speedboat doughnuts. This is exactly what the target market want: a beautiful place with fun things to do. We also bring in elements of “chill,” which is also central to the VBH product.

The video doesn’t have a professional finish, but this is deliberate. We wanted to make an authentic feeling video that seemed like anyone could take – we didn’t want it to seem like an advertisement. Likewise, we didn’t use any models and we didn’t set up any scenarios. Everything you see features real people in real situations.

Samuel Diaz Fernandez – Filmmaker

Video: Iceland Academy: An Introduction
Company: This video is promoting Iceland as a tourist destination. Although it doesn’t promote a company or product specifically, I still think that tourism marketers can still learn something from this video.
Target Market: Adults ages 25-45 in the middle to high income bracket.

This video is the tip of the iceberg. It is only 1 of a series of 147 videos that potential travelers can explore on the “Inspired by Iceland” YouTube channel. The video series is a triumph because it interweaves multiple winning video styles and trends into a cohesive whole. 

For starters, it doesn’t try to cram the entire “Iceland” experience into one video as so many other country videos tend to do. Instead it serializes the viewing experience a little like a “choose your own adventure” book. This keeps the viewers engaged, constantly clicking forward. On the other hand it also serves as an elegant piece of nostalgia. Add the whimsical soundtrack, throwback type font and quintessentially quirky Icelandic characters, and you have a Wes Anderson video with personalized tour guides. What’s not to love or want?

While gamifying the tourism experience is a brilliant marketing move, the final touch is the scientific appeal. Travelers today want more than just an adventure. They want to learn. They want science. This video series delivers it all with high production value and clever, self-aware writing.

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